Nightcap with Nantong Nights

Interview with Emma Qian Xu and Leopold Dewolf, directors of Nantong Nights What was the starting point for Nantong Nights? Emma: Nantong Nights came about from my desire to make […]

29 January 2021

Tea time with Fabrichnaya etnografiya [Ethnography of Factories]

Interview with Anastasiia Ksenofontova, director of Fabrichnaya etnografiya [Ethnography of Factories] Fabrichnaya etnografiya shows the unseen and the unknown: the daily life of the workers of a factory in Russia. What […]

28 January 2021

Lunch with Paydos [Break-Off]

Interview with Öykü Orhan, director of Paydos [Break-Off] What has drawn you to the story of this mother struggling to feed her family? First of all, I should say that […]

27 January 2021

Dinner with Haikara

Interview with Siiri Halko, director of Haikara How would you introduce the film to somebody who hasn’t seen it? Haikara is an absurd yet realistic film about the troubles of […]

26 January 2021

Expresso Video – Mei Liu

Watch the interview with the Chinese filmmaker Mei Liu about her short film Happy Ending selected in the 2021 International Competition (I4 programme).

24 January 2021
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