Breakfast with Le Départ [The Departure]

Interview with Saïd Hamich, director of Le Départ [The Departure] How did you shoot the film and how did you go about casting? I shot in a suburb of Casablanca, […]

5 February 2021

Nightcap with Menschen Am Samstag [People on Saturday]

Interview with Jonas Ulrich, director of Menschen Am Samstag [People on Saturday] Why did you want to portray daily life, on Saturdays, in Zurich? When I first saw Menschen am […]

1 February 2021

Breakfast with Bethlehem 2001

Interview with Ibrahim Handal, director of Bethlehem 2001 Why did you choose to revisit this – I presume traumatic – event as a short film? Actually, I am still trying […]

30 January 2021

Dinner with Transit

Interview with Ariq Khan, director of Transit  What motivated you to tell this story? Do many people find themselves in this “transit” situation in Bangladesh? I have always wanted my […]

29 January 2021

Tea time with Fabrichnaya etnografiya [Ethnography of Factories]

Interview with Anastasiia Ksenofontova, director of Fabrichnaya etnografiya [Ethnography of Factories] Fabrichnaya etnografiya shows the unseen and the unknown: the daily life of the workers of a factory in Russia. What […]

28 January 2021

Tea time with Le sang de la veine

Interview with Martin Jauvat, director of Le sang de la veine  Can you explain the film’s title? “Le sang de la veine” [literally, “blood of the vein”] is a term […]

27 January 2021

Lunch with Paydos [Break-Off]

Interview with Öykü Orhan, director of Paydos [Break-Off] What has drawn you to the story of this mother struggling to feed her family? First of all, I should say that […]

27 January 2021

Nightcap with Malabar

Interview with Maximilian Badier-Rosenthal, director of Malabar  How did Malabar come about? The idea came to me when I met Marcel Jacq, the actor in my previous short film Ông […]

27 January 2021

Dinner with Haikara

Interview with Siiri Halko, director of Haikara How would you introduce the film to somebody who hasn’t seen it? Haikara is an absurd yet realistic film about the troubles of […]

26 January 2021

Tea time with Vagalumes [Fireflies]

Interview with Léo Bittencourt, director of Vagalumes [Fireflies] How did you get into the idea of shooting a public park by night? When we started the research about the construction […]

26 January 2021
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