Pro Services

Your accreditation gives you access to all screenings and the Short Film Market.

An additional Pro Services subscription will give you access to the following services:

  • Watch the latest productions in HD
  • Over 8000 recent international titles available
  • Contact the right holders directly
  • Save, edit & share your own film lists
  • Access the Market video library online until December 31th
  • Access & edit your lists
    Note: Only professionals attending the Short Film Market who have watched at least one film at the video library can benefit from the online extension.
  • Access to contacts of about 3,500 industry visitors attending the Short Film Market
  • Search & get in touch with relevant contacts to arrange your meetings
  • Save & edit your lists to send targeted message
  • Browse through the Clermont-Ferrand database of 100 000+ film cards
  • Easily access right holders contact details
  • Use advanced search options

Check detailed buyer profiles by :

  • purchase rate per minute
  • exclusivity
  • duration of the rights
  • covered territories
  • genres accepted
  • maximum running time
  • language specifications
Pro Services is an annual subscription which gives you access to exclusive services for 60 Euros excluding VAT
Note : A Pro Services subscription does not exempt you from making an accreditation demand if you plan to visit the Short Film Market.
Create or login to your account, then choose "Subscribe to Pro Services"


General and exhibitors coordination
Coordination of the submissions and the Pro Services
Coordination of the professional events and the Euro Connection program
Coordination of the professional events and the Euro Connection program