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Edition 2020

Made by the students of the ARFIS School of Villeurbanne.

Conference - I Made A Short Film Now What The Fuck Do I Do With It?

Clarissa Jacobson, award-winning filmmaker, will share her experience in film festival distribution and talk about her book, I Made A Short Film Now WTF Do I Do With It (a guide to film festivals, promotion, and surviving the ride), jam-packed with hard-earned knowledge, tips, and secrets on how to enter film festivals, promote your movie and succeed!

TV3 Televisió de Catalunya

Speaker: Augustì Argelich, short film programmer and program director of “Curt Circuit 33” at TV3 Televisió de Catalunya (Catalonia).


Speaker: Sari Volanen, producer/commissioning editor of the strand “New Cinema” on Yle (the Finnish broadcasting company).

Conference – Online platforms and short films

Online platforms and short films : which kind of exposure for which audience?

An overview of the European online distribution landscape by presenting EUROVOD the association of European Video on Demand platforms specialised in art-house, independent and European cinema.

In the last decade, the audiovisual landscape saw its distribution and business model challenged by the digital shift and the rising of new players in the sector. Online distribution brought new way for shorts to be consumed by audiences whereas European VOD platforms were and are looking for their models and implementation on the market.

With some help from our experts, we aim to discuss the realness of a market for short films online and to explore alternative business models and audiences that can be reached : what fits best from subscription to advertisement based services ? How exposure strategies can lead to new audiences ? Is a niche market sustainable ?

Organized by the Short Film Market, in partnership with EuroVOD and the Relais Culture Europe / Bureau Europe Creative France.
Moderated by Marcin Łuczaj

Shot TV

Speaker: Andrey Ulyanin, acquisition manager at SHOT TV (the only 24/7 TV channel in Russia dedicated to short films).


Speaker: Laura llose, commissioning editor for CINÉ+ Famiz (chole channel) and CANAL+ Family (cinema).

#SHORT – Storytelling & Technology #1 – Artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligences are invited into cinematographic creation (scenario, storyboard, computer-generated images, etc.). Yves Gellie (L’année du robot (The Year of the Robot), in the 2020 National Competition) offers the first role in his film to a robot, invested with an AI. This meeting will be the opportunity to exchange on his vision on artificial intelligence, as well as all the problems linked to the use of AI in film production.

Moderation: François Serre, Director of the Courant3D French film festival, specialist in new writing / new technologies.

SRF (Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen)

Speaker: Eva Schweizer, programmer for the Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (exclusively in the German speaking part of Switzerland).


Speaker: Jonas Pariente, producer and Kickstarter representative in France.

Conference – Focus on Low Capacity Production Countries within the EU


Speaker: David Van Poppel, In-Flight entertainment content specialist for Spafax, programming Canadian and short form content for Air Canada.


Speaker: Guadalupe Arensburg, Head of short films acquisitions at Movistar+ TV channel (Spain).

Conference – Presentation of CNC financing supports

The CNC supports short films in all its forms of artistic expression and contributes to its financing at all stages, from writing to production, from promotion to dissemination. This action is carried out directly, through selective or automatic support, and indirectly, through associations and local administrations. Updated overview on the various fundings and supports for short film industry actors.

TV5 Monde

Speaker: Angèle Paulino, responsible of the short films department at TV5 Monde (international French speaking channel).

CANAL+ / Collectif Ecoprod

Speakers: Pascale Faure, Head of short programmes at CANAL+ (France), Pauline Gil, coordinator of the Ecoprod collective (France).

#SHORT – Panel on the French series “Mental”

Shot in Clermont-Ferrand last spring, and awarded with the best 26’ series prize at the fiction TV Festival in La Rochelle, Mental in a series broadcasted on the Slash platform. She tells the daily life of a child psychiatric institution, through the eyes of 4 adolescents. Director Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun and producer Augustin Bernard will share their experience on this project, from writing to showcasing, and talk about their collaboration with Slash.


Speakers: Hélène Vayssieres, Head of short films service at ARTE France, Gregory Audermatte, short films buyer at ARTE France, Catherine Colas, Head of short films at ARTE ZDF, Laurence Rilly, Head of short films at ARTE GEIE (Strasbourg, France).

UR / Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company

Speakers: Gabriella Thinsz, Head of content, Annelie Morey, Acquisition executive at Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company.


Speaker: Laurence de Bourbon, Pre-buy and Acquisition executive at OCS (France).

Shorts International

Speaker: Simon Young, VP EMEA Acquisitions at ShortsTV (United Kingdom).

Masterclass – Olivier Smolders

French speaking.

The festival invites you to discover the universe of Belgian filmmaker Olivier Smolders during an encounter animated by Christian Guinot, co-founding member of Sauve qui peut le court métrage.

France Télévisions

Speakers: Christophe Taudière, Head of short films department, Aurélie Chesné, programmer, Gautier Rejou, programmer at France Télévisions (France).

CANAL+ Création Décalée

Speaker: Matthieu Marot, Artistic programmes advisor at CANAL+, Création Décalée department (France).

Masterclass – Meeting with the Polish retrospective directors

As part of the focus on Polish shorts this year, meet the directors Justyna Mytnik (“Fascinatrix”), Natalia Durszewicz (“Ovule”), Daria Woszek (“Hycel”), Anna Kazejak (“Kilka prostych Słów”), Iwo Swiłło (“Wierność”), Kordian Kądziela (“Larp”), Piotr Złotorowicz (“Smolarze”). Meeting hosted by Ludwik Pruszkowski (cinematographer), Adam Suzin and Dawid Bodzak (cinematographer and director of “Drzenia” (Tremors, international Grand Prix Clermont 2018).

ARTE Créative

Speaker: Lili Blumers, commissions original digital productions within ARTE France’s Digital Department.

Francetv Slash

Speakers: Charlène Gourmand and Gwenaëlle Signaté, programmers advisors at Francetv Slash (France).

Conference – Dancefilm

Why is the dance film imposing itself today as a new genre that questions our societies? Several international experts will present the opportunities that are opening up in the world for professionals – directors, producers, broadcasters…


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