Jurys 2020

International Jury

Alain Gomis

Alain Gomis 3-RVB

Marta Prus

Marta Prus 2-RVB_recadré

Yuko Shimizu


Olivier Smolders


Ken Wardrop

Ken Wardrop 2-RVB_recadré

National Jury

Wissam Charaf

photo wissam CHARAF 1-RVB

Nicolás Lasnibat

Nicolas Lasnibat (1)-RVB

Aude Léa Rapin

Portrait Aude_RVB

Laetitia Spigarelli


Rebeka Warrior

Rebeka Warrior-RVB2

Lab Jury

Emmanuelle Destremau aka Ruppert Pupkin

Emmanuelle Destremau4-RVB_recadré

John Grant

John William Grant before his performance with the BBC Philharmonic, Salford, Manchester.

Julien Mignot

Julien Mignot1 © Claire Gaby-RVB

Student Jury


Clermont Auvergne University

Clermont Auvergne University is very proud to carry the International Student Jury Prize. This initiative complements the recurring actions that bind us to the festival, including the installation of the Electric Palace or the use of our amphitheater Agnès Varda and Michel de L'Hospital as a screening room.
The student jury allows ten students to participate in a collective experience by acting in the heart of this international cultural event.

Clermont Auvergne University is a public institution of higher education. It brings together more than 35,000 students - 12% of whom are international students - who come to study among the 250 courses offered.



The Cnous, Crous Clermont Auvergne

Echoing its commitment to the dynamism of Clermont's university cultural life, Crous is a long-time partner of the festival. At the beginning of this event, it hosted the first "short film weeks" organized by the Cercle Cinématographique Universitaire de Clermont-Ferrand. The Cnous and Crous Clermont Auvergne, already organizes the short film student contest in partnership with Sauve who can the short film since 2003 and will allow students to attend and be essential actors of the festival by awarding national student jury the prize.

The CNUS (National Center for Academic and Academic Works) and the Crous Clermont Auvergne, state public institutions under the supervision of the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research, have as their mission to promote the living and working conditions of the students.

International Student Jury

Corentin Billette
BILLETTE Corentin_RVB_recadré
Valentina Eid
EID Valentina_RVB_recadré
Bastien Halimi
HALIMI Bastien_RVB_recadré
Anahita Navaei
NAVAEI Anahita_RVB_recadré
Lara Viennet
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National Student Jury

Lisa Di Beo
DI BEO Lisa_RVB_recadré
Valentine Cadic
CADIC Valentine_RVB
Agathe Chevrier
Alex Migot
MIGOT Alex_RVB_recadré
Mohiedine Saadallah
SAADALLAH Mohiedine_RVB_recadré


Pascale Faure

Pascale Faure - Canal +

Brigitte Pardo


Procirep Jury

Composed by French producers benefited from the support of the Procirep.

Festivals Connexion Jury

Yves Nougarede


Benjamin Tanguy


Noëlle Vachon


Adobe Jury for Special Effects Award

Composed by international special effects experts.

Adami Jury

Sylvie Feit


Emma Liégeois


Massimo Riggi


SACD Jury (Best French-Speaking Animation)

Fabienne Gambrelle


Mathilde Maraninchi


SACD Jury (Best First Live Action Short)

Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar


Dominique Sampiero

Dominique Sampiero, French writer in june 2014.

Bertrand Tavernier


Laurent Tirard


"Fernand Raynaud" Jury for Best Comedy

Prix du rire-RVB2

Composed by 5 members of the association "Les Amis du Vieux Clermont": Christian et Monique Barbalat, Luc Boels, Christiane Jalicon, Anne-Sophie Simonet.

Télérama Jury

Caroline Besse


Jérémie Couston


Anne Dessuant


Jacques Morice


Guillemette Odicino

Guillemette Odicino_RVB_recadré

Marie Sauvion

Marie Sauvion_RVB

Jury for Best Documentary

Catherine Glémée

Catherine Glémée-RVB

Festival programmer for Corsica.Doc, Ajaccio

Juliette Grimont

Juliette Grimont-RVB

Cinema programmer for Le Gyptis & La Baleine, Marseille

Laurence Conan

Laurence Conan-RVB

Development Officer for Documentaire sur grand écran, Paris


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