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Circuit court

Since the beginning, Sauve qui peut le court métrage promotes short film well beyond the festival itself.

The association conducts purchases of non-exclusive and non-commercial film rights throughout the year in order to be able to set up programs for a cinephile and curious audience.

These purchases make it possible to offer specific short film programs, that are curated by the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, to associations and operators (beside the CNC). Ten minute or less short films are also offered to operators that are willing to regain the habit of screening a short film before a feature one.

The team has chosen to rename this activity Circuit Court by expanding its programming with thematic and country retrospectives.

Our short film library now counts nearly 1800 copies 35 and 16mm and more than 200 DCPs. So do not hesitate to contact us to experience the festival near you.

Edition 2019

All Inclusive
 Corina Schwingruber Illić (Switzerland - 2018)

Best Of programme

Best Of Programme of short films from the selection of the last edition of the festival.
All audiences / adults
by Guy Nattiv (USA - 2018)

Awards programme

Programme of short films which have been awarded at the last edition of the festival.
All audiences / adults
Le tigre sans rayures 1 RVB
Le tigre sans rayures 
by Raul Robin Morales Reyes (France-Switzerland - 2018)

Youth programmes

All audiences / adults

Film purchases for decentralization are supplemented by some films that allow other types of programming, including screenings in other festivals. It also gives more choice to programmers and customize the screening(s). These programs are an essential showcase for the event and also ensure the recognition of the public partners.


by Marie Le Floch et Gabriel Pinto Monteiro
(Belgium - 2014)

Short in Translation

Trivial "Babel shorts", where the question of living together goes well beyond a history of language.

All audiences / adults
M2-4Pieds sous la table
Les pieds sous la table
by Marc-Henri Dufresne
and François Morel
(France - 1993)

Dinner is served!

An appetizing and friendly programme around food!
All audiences / adults
Les lézards by Vincent Mariette
(France - 2012)


Face forward

Tribute to actors of French cinema.
All audiences / adults

Country focus


La course navette de Maxime Aubert (Canada - 2017)

O Canada, Québec, First Nations, etc.

All audiences / adults

Le jour du bain de Dominique de Rivaz (Suisse - 1994)


All audiences / adults

Our fund

Per Tutta la Vita (Pour toujours) de Roberto Catani (France, Italie - 2018)

Diffusion première partie

Diffusion (gratuite) de courts métrages d'une durée égale ou inférieure à 10 minutes en première partie de longs métrages en région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.
All audiences / adults


Attention, il s'agit de la liste complète des films disponibles dans ces catégories. Ces courts métrages ne peuvent être diffusés individuellement, mais uniquement sous forme de programmes, établis en concertation avec Sauve qui peut le court métrage, dans le cadre de la promotion du festival.
All audiences / adults


Coordination of short film circulation, regional tour and the first part films
Coordination of the short films programmes for young audiences
Coordination of international short films screenings