Tribute to Rosto

Rosto the Baroque-and-Roller   Beheaded (1999) is the title of Rosto’s first film. Beheaded is how he left the world of short film and animation when he took a one-way […]

4 December 2019

5th Minikino Film Week / TALKS – The making of Short Film Market: Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival

Friday, 11 October 2019 5.30-6.30pm Mash Denpasar Bali, Indonesia [Free entry] First-come first-seated with priority for all Festival pass holder During the 5th Minikino Film Week in Bali, discover a […]

3 October 2019

5th Minikino Film Week / TALKS – Invention of the magic lantern

Tuesday, 8 October 2019 10:00-12:00 WITA Minihall Irama Indah Bali, Indonesia [Free entry] First-come first-seated with priority for all Festival pass holder During the 5th Minikino Film Week in Bali, Roger […]

3 October 2019

Clermont-Ferrand, Open City (Onto the World)

Susa Monteiro, the Portuguese illustrator who honored us with her presence last February as a member of the International Jury, has been tasked with creating the poster for the […]

3 September 2019

Invited Country: Poland

Dzień dobry wszyscy! / Hello everyone! The Polish language has a reputation for being impossibly complicated and difficult to pronounce. Influenced by Latin, Italian, French, Russian, and English, it has […]

10 July 2019

Themed retrospective: Rural Ways

The peasant, a familiar figure in our world, is rarely seen in films. Short films, a space for showing the invisible among us, have always sought to depict peasants. In […]

3 July 2019

Retakes: Nadav Lapid

“My personal goal is to open the breaches in the walls of our society, of our certainties, to try to give rise to doubts, to bring to light their complexity […]

28 January 2019

VR films sessions

At Épicentre Factory, in a space designed to house total experiences in virtual reality, the Festival is offering a program of films in VR this year. For its fourth year […]

28 January 2019

Invited Country: O Canada, Quebec, First Nations, etc.

In our collective imagination, Canada is… the second-largest country in the world, great snow-covered plains, Céline Dion, Quebecois expressions, maple syrup and Justin Trudeau’s socks. But did you know that […]

22 January 2019

Caïmans Productions: Producer’s Carte blanche

Caïmans Productions was created in 2002 by Daniel Sauvage and Jérôme Barthélemy. Brought together by a love for cinema on the benches of the film school, we have since produced […]

22 January 2019
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