Breakfast with Kollegen (Les collègues)

Interview with Jannis Alexander Kiefer, director of Kollegen [Good German Work] What did you want to explore in the relationship between the woodworkers and the film crew? The woodworkers are […]

Dinner with Which is Witch?

Interview with Marie Losier, director of Which Is Witch? Could you explain the title for us? The title is a play on words in English, which is my dominant language, […]

[2021] Producer’s Carte blanche: Ikki Films

“Since Ikki Films’ inception in 2011, we’ve tried hard to produce films rooted in experience and experimentation. Pushing the bounds of narration, searching for a beauty that’s sharp rather than […]

31 December 2020

Editorial Décibels

Taking full advantage of the fact that the entire team will be on hand for the ciné-concert scheduled during the Festival, the program DB1 focuses on the work of As […]

10 December 2019
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