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Dinner with Finale

  Interview with Stéphan Castang, director of Finale What was the starting point for your film, Finale? The film stems from several desires: talking to old people. I was raised […]

6 February 2021

Tea time with Workshop

  Interview with Judah Finnigan, director of Workshop Is this workshop based on anything you’ve actually done in real life? I’ve never done a workshop quite like this one. As I started […]

6 February 2021

Lunch with Sphinx

  Interview with Tito Gonzalez García, director of Sphinx What interested you in the Oedipus character and in particular the episode where he meets the Sphinx? I think it’s the […]

6 February 2021

Breakfast with Baba

  Interview with Sarah Blok and Lisa Konno, codirectors of Baba What motivated you to tell Baba’s story? Baba (Ceylan Utlu) is a very interesting character because of his ambiguity. […]

6 February 2021

Nightcap with Ourse

  Interview with Nicolas Birkenstock, director of Ourse Where did you get the idea to explore sleepwalking? I think it began with an image. An image of Armande Boulanger (the […]

6 February 2021

Dinner with Bad Omen

  Interview with Salar Pashtoonyar, director of Bad Omen Can you tell us more about your choice of title? We were at a wedding ceremony. I was probably around 12 […]

5 February 2021

Tea time with Martin est tombé d’un toit [Martin fell from a roof]

  Interview with Matías Ganz, Director of Martin est tombé d’un toit [Martin fell from a roof] Where did your inspiration for Martin est tombé d’un toit come from? I […]

5 February 2021

Lunch with Chienne [Bitch]

  Interview with Bertille Estramon, director of Chienne [Bitch] What motivated you to tell this story? I started out wanting to make a film about the feeling of injustice. I […]

5 February 2021

Breakfast with Le Départ [The Departure]

  Interview with Saïd Hamich, director of Le Départ [The Departure] How did you shoot the film and how did you go about casting? I shot in a suburb of […]

5 February 2021

Nightcap with Lune [Moon]

  Interview with Zoé Pelchat, director of Lune [Moon] Why did you choose to title the film Lune? Because the main character repeats a mantra throughout the film that says […]

5 February 2021
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