Lunch with Gramercy

Interview with Jamil McGinnis and Pat Heywood, codirectors of Gramercy Can you explain the title? Jamil: The world of Gramercy existed before we were exposed to it. It’s a self-proclaimed […]

22 January 2021

Expresso Video – Noëlle Bastin et Baptiste Bogaert

Watch the interview with the Belgian filmmakers Noëlle Bastin and Baptiste Bogaert about their short film Traquer selected in the 2021 Lab Competition (L1 programme).

22 January 2021

Breakfast with Le Cercle d’Ali [Ali’s Circle]

Interview with Antoine Beauvois-Boetti, director of Le Cercle d’Ali [Ali’s Circle] How much of Le Cercle d’Ali is documentary?  Did you do research beforehand? I really wanted to get as […]

22 January 2021

Nightcap with A la Cara [Face to Face]

Interview with Javier Marco, director of A la Cara [Face to Face]  This is a very intimate, tense short film. What made you want to explore this interaction between the […]

22 January 2021

Dinner with Normal

Interview with Julie Caty, director of Normal What inspired you to make Normal? An obsession! I grew up in the middle of nowhere, in an area quite aware of environmental […]

21 January 2021

Focus Jury – National competition 2021 – Foued Mansour

A video interview with the member of the National Jury Foued Mansour, filmmaker and screenwriter.

21 January 2021

Tea time with La chamade [Blackbirds]

Interview with Emma Séméria, director of La chamade [Blackbirds] Why did you want to set the film in a campground? Actually, the setting is not a campground at all. My […]

21 January 2021

Expresso Video – Mélanie Matranga

Watch the interview with the French filmmaker Mélanie Matranga about her short film Jour & nuit selected in the 2021 National Competition (F5 programme).

21 January 2021

Lunch with Pinpin

Interview with Jaime Levinas, director of Pinpin What drew you to make a short about this encounter between the main character and the cashier? I think ultimately it is the […]

21 January 2021

Expresso Video – Brendan Canty

Watch the interview with the Irish filmmaker Brendan Canty about his short film Jam selected in the 2021 International Competition (I12 programme).

21 January 2021
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